A perfect life is all I seek.
One free from pain, anger,sorrow
It seems impossible when you feel from day one you weren’t the person you were meant to be or you were just in the wrong place.
Just a family who loves no matter,
A family where both parents exist near each other,
Where the children feel extremely loved not only on the path of one parent.
This is the life I’ve always wanted.
Growing up I believed in fairy tales and all the “happy ever after” slogan but the truth just seemed to hit me at a very young age. Only 10 was I and began seeing the impossibles in life.
Seeing that some dreams aren’t meant to exist simply put it ” dreamt.”
It just happens pain set its canvas over the blood that pumps out of my heart.
Tears run wild through my veins and blood down my eyes.
I’m just a young boy with so many scared feelings which can never disappear because I’ve experienced so much.
Torture of the soul is what I feel everyday.
The fear of what the future would be, seems to torment me every single minute.
I just don’t think the life I’m in is mine but all I wish for is happiness
                                                    A PERFECT LIFE


“No matter how far we are from each other our heart will forever be together , no matter the obstacles that we face each day our love will always over come them. You mean the world to me and all I want it to be happy with you”


Suave XL

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